The Incredible Alcoholic

We have all heard of him before. He’s mean, he’s green, he’s a drinking machine. The Hulk is a classic Marvel superhero, who’s real name is Dr. Bruce Banner. After some exposure to gamma radiation, when he gets angry he turns into….well….the Hulk. Hear me out. I believe that Dr. Banner had never really experimented with alcohol before and “gamma radiation” is really just him getting drunk for the first time. His battle to not become the Hulk is really just an alcohol addiction. It would explain why he wakes up with no clothes, and hazy memories to what happened, exactly like a night of drinking alcohol. As for the strength part, everyone has heard of “drunk muscles” it is the idea that when we are drunk we believe we can summon enormous amounts of strength. This would explain why the Hulk is as big and strong as he is.

Anyone who has experienced a rough night of drinking¬† can tell you that it really was not them acting that way, because they would never do or say those things in a million years. So, that is why the Hulk causes ruckus and destruction, something Dr. Banner would never do. When he tries to control is it, he is trying to stay sober and then that is usually followed by a relapse. His “enemies” are his friends and family trying to help him stay sober. Dr. Banner created the alter ego “The Hulk” because he cannot face the facthulk-smashed that he has no control over alcohol. The reason he can never cure himself, is because the cure is within. I understand this theory has some holes and is a bit out there. The idea is just to get the mind moving in a different way. I hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for more theories and short stories.


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